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I–VII 08.00–21.00

(8 5) 210 1717

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„Flowers and Manufactory“

We always wanted to make our store not just a simple flower shop, but beautiful, lovely corner, where every customer can buy everything – flowers, gifts, postcards and pack their gifts.

Customers find cozy original gifts, unusual gifts packing, hand made postcards, authorial wares…

In our store you will find beautiful wares for your home or office.

If you need rare houseplant – visit us, we always try to show interesting, rare shape, non boring plants. Bonsai, water plants, exotic desert‘s and tropic‘s „residents“ will decorate your home.

Desired type or size plants can be ordered. You will get comprehensive information about plant care features.

For your request we will plant your selected flower in the selected flowerpot.

Here you will find a stylish pot‘s – metal, wicker, wood or glass.

We take care of the plants and spray them from pests and diseases.

Customers value our quality, work and warm communication, ability to listen and insight into each specific, often sophisticated needs and desires.

For customer it is very important, that we have high requirements for ourselves, that flowers would be fresh, in good quality and range.

Every day we transport fresh and potted flowers. Focus on the fastidious taste of the buyer, which is the rarer, more interesting flowers, which is not acceptable at the now widespread slipshod approach to quality and originality.


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