May 9, 2017

Health Day – dandelion, hawthorn and carrot coffee tasting

Oak acorn coffee, dandelion root coffee, hawthorn seed coffee, chicory coffee, coffee carrots, burdock root coffee – sounds exotic, but all of these Lithuanian coffees and a variety of other healthy drinks can taste Health and Beauty Day, May 11-13  VCUP shopping center Vilnius.

“Our Lithuanian coffee namely coffees and is called because it is roasted products, – said Lithuanian coffees and herbal teas manufacturers ,,Anykščių arbatos magija” soul – herbalist Ramūnas Daugelavičius. Unconventional coffee beverage is produced from solid parts of the plant – the roots, seeds that are is dried and brown. For example, coffee is dried carrots and carrot fry rhizomes. 100 grams of carrots coffee used to produce 1.4 kg of fresh carrots, so the carrot filling out teaspoon of coffee you “eat” two carrots. ”

Acorn – the strength of the oak and information


By Anykštėno, carrot coffee is useful for adults and children due to its accumulated abundant quantities of beta carotene – vitamin A. Antioxidants in carrots can help slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood sugar levels. Carrots – a huge benefit for the heart, skin beauty, body treatment.

The most popular and best known – acorns coffee. R.Daugelavičius say that oak acorn are the seeds of oak preserves latent information. Acorns coffee can strengthen and help rebuild strength after exhaustion – due to illness, fatigue, a lot of learning, may also protect against anemia and bone loss, and a positive impact on the entire digestive system.

Burdock root coffee, which also produce dried burdock root and saute, can be just as casual drink, which could be an alternative to traditional coffee. By R.Daugelavičiaus, this coffee is very suitable for diabetics because it can regulate blood sugar – as burdock root accumulate many contain inulin, it becomes a very useful drug for diabetics, especially during the cold season.


Dandelion – useful herbs Sixes

„ If we knew how much power has a positive dandelion apparently meadow yellow bloom … – R.Daugelavičius laughs. Dandelion coffee gives much more invigorating than a coffee bean coffee, ideal back forces, and energy. Our oriental medicine dandelion is the most useful herbs Sixes. There is no place in our body, which does not dandelion positive effects: dandelion metabolism and improve digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive glands and bile secretion, heals bile, even drives the worms. Dandelion have materials which inhibit bacterial growth, activation of the body’s protective powers cleans blood, tones and improves cough, clean spots. Used to treat liver disorders.

How an antioxidant prevents aging. Returns masculinity. The literature says that dandelion useful for women and even more – for men. Men only drinking dandelion root coffee every morning eating leaf lettuce, never opened pharmacy door, inquiring for any expensive product … According to doctors, it would be so easy to recover masculinity. ”

Dandelion root salad used in diabetes, goiter, impaired sexual function of men and women – ovarian and menstrual function.

Dandelion rich in vitamin C, and are life supporters vitamins E and A, it has iron, calcium, phosphorus, much insulin, leading to diabetes patients may want to dandelion differ both in winter and summer. There is also a calming nerves copper.

“In general, dandelion, which has a side benefit of Mendeleyev’s table of chemical elements, – said the famous herbalist. – Dandelion useful properties surpass any expectations. For example, Coffee grounds – soft roots for food use. It can be upholstered pieces placed in the salad, soups, stews, side dishes. The hot chocolate is special, the addition of this product. Do not shy away and dandelion roots in the bitter taste – just as they help to break down and burn fat. Use more products having a bitter taste. Bitter taste – fire our blood circulation and digestion! ”

Hawthorn – Queen of hearts

Exotic sounds and hawthorn seed coffee. It is argued that it is particularly suitable for ,, cold “type of people – with low blood pressure and cold limbs. Hawthorn combination with butternut pepper to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. It improves digestion, raises the tone.

Of course, the hawthorn – heart medicines. Hawthorn calming cardiac nerves, reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, stimulates cardiac muscle can eliminate arrhythmia and tachycardia, enhances blood circulation in the coronary vessels and the head used in the initial stage of hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and in cases of insomnia with tachycardia reduces elevated thyroid function.

In addition to the queen of hearts hawthorn next to the bold can be identified chicory. Chicory coffee – it’s grilled chicory roots. It is stated that this coffee slows the heart rate, has a calming effect, but do not affect the strength and endurance. Chicory coffee helps to absorb calcium, so perfect for a drink with milk. Coffee grounds are also useful – food consumption endive (chicory) root helps to break down fat to fight obesity, exercise detoxification processes in the liver and kidneys.


Adelė Karaliūnaitė: “Our herbs closer”

Health and beauty Days VCUP agreed and one of the most famous Lithuanian herbalist – Adelę Karaliūnaitę and its bench – to improve health for many natural products.

,,Only hands collected, dried in the shade plants and products of their increasingly seen people wanting to maintain health, seeking to protect themselves from serious ailments and diseases, – says A.Karaliūnaitė. – All of my products are just growing plants in Lithuania. Throughout the year, I collect bark, buds, leaves, flowers, seeds. I am very happy that I can really offer Lithuanian and hand-prepared herbs, lubricants, cultures, syrups, fruit and vegetable purees, oil pads, brooms.

Our home environment, plants are close to our immune system. A well recognized and absorbed Lithuanian forests, grasslands, wetlands and lakes coves plant produced human body suitable active substance really just as good somewhere in the world corners of the extracted material, and are often more effective, not only because of their own, but also for special Lithuanian natural conditions, where all life has to endure the cold winter, spring floods, summer heat and drought, autumn rigor. ”


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