March 22, 2021

And how are you preparing for Easter?


We’ve already dyed the Easter eggs. And how are you preparing for Easter?


This week, you’ll find plenty of great holiday cakes at Crustum!

– Poppy Bundt cake with chocolate ganache glaze

– Easter PANETTONE with cranberries, figs and chocolate

– Bunnies floating on creamy clouds on the very to of tasty cupcakes

– Soft and fluffy marble patterened bundt cake “Easter Chicken”

– Donut “Bunny” with cream filling, glazed with chocolate and sprinkled with freeze dried berries

Definitely lots to choose from!


Give colourful impressions with Gera dovana as a gift!

Supercar rides, hot air balloon rides, stay in a hotel, or maybe spa rituals?

Go to www.geradovana.lt and only until 5 April benefit from even -25% OFF for the whole category of GIFT SETS! Remember, gift vouchers and kits are valid for up to 12 months, with free exchange and renewal policy applied.


  • Discounts are valid only on the date specified in the e-shop of Gera dovana.
  • The stock of goods with discount is limited.
  • Discounts do not apply to Gera dovana the gift voucher and card with optional value.
  • Discounts do not sum up.


Did you know that spices and teas are great for colouring eggs?

The spice shop 7 Ievos namai recommends trying rosehip tea, rose bud tea and turmeric – you‘ll be pleasantly surprised by the result.

KRISTIANA – perfumery and cosmetics of exceptional quality for Her and Him.

Opening soon on the 3rd floor of the Shopping Centre CUP!


Get a bag of your favorite coffee from Vero Cafe and make yourself a delicious coffee at home.

Оr stop by the Vero Cafe coffee shop on the 3rd floor of CUP for a cup of tasty spring coffee prepared by baristas!


Enjour colourful and creative preparation for Easter!

Šokolado meistrai are extremely happy to present their collection of handmade chocolate truffles and cups with filling. It offers only top quality selected sweets – from classic to gourmet masterpieces of exceptional taste!

Treat your loved one with extraordinary truffles from Šokolado meistrai to celebrate spring!


Make your own sushi at home! Order sushi ingredients already prepared by the chefs of Manami, and the step-by-step instructions included will help you achieve that great Asian taste!

You can order the delivery of sushi sets from Manami restaurant by phone +370 665 16224 or through the delivery platforms: Wolt, Bolt Food, Deliveris or lekste.lt. Enjoy delicious discoveries at home!


At the store Pinokis, you‘ll  find a large selection of stationery. Felt-tip pens alone come in a great variety here: for children, washable, brightly colured, with glitter, double-sided, watercolor, and those for artists.

And plenty of other tools for writing, drawing, colouring, painting, folding, gluing, molding! In addition, Pinokis offers a really wide range of special products for professional artists. Visit Pinokis online storeat www.alma.lt and choose how you wish to express your creativity!


At the veterinary pharmacy VET1 you can buy not only veterinary medicines for your pet, but also get a free consultation from the veterinary pharmacist.

We’ll be happy to help you choose the right food, supplements, treats and zoo accessories.

Veterinary pharmacy VET1 is located on the 1st floor of the shopping centre CUP, with the entrance from the outside, so that your four-legged friends could go inside too and choose everything they need themselves.


Located on the 4th floor, the self-service laundry Speed Queen will help you deal with that huge laundry pile in just 1 hour!

It will be easy to wash even such large items as double mattress covers.

You can pay in cash, by card or by phone, and you will definitely not forget the detergents, as they are added automatically.


Today is the World Sleep Day and Merkys, the manufacturer of quality Lithuanian bedding and bed linen, congratulates everyone with it!

Shake out your duvet and pillows, and finally enjoy some good rest!


It most smells like spring in the flower shop Gėlės ir manufaktūra!

There, the bright yellow daffodils elegantly befriend small-flowered mini irises, and the stylish Muehlenbeckia gently speaks to the fragrant rosemary that Easter is just around the corner!



Make your own pizza for Easter!

Order the ingredients already prepared by the chefs of Charlie Pizza with baking instructions and make a delicious pizza in your kitchen.

Enjoy delicious discoveries at home!


With the most beautiful spring holiday, St. Easter approaching it‘s the perfect time to tidy up your house!

Gerduva will make sure that the entire home is clean and shiny, from the windows right to the floor!

And how are you preparing for Easter?


St. Easter is approaching fast, and the Easter table in Italy nearly always features the traditional Colomba cake on it.

The Bottlery store that you‘ll find on the ground floor of the Shopping Centre CUP has made sure that these delicious Italian cakes could adorn your Easter tables, too! And it is also a great gift for St. Easter or spring holiday. These cakes indeed taste special and the stock is very limited, so don’t wait too long and choose a cake for your spring holiday!


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