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Everyone cares about their home, their interiors, the kitchen and what will be on the home table. In our supermarket stores you can find ideas and goods that will delight you and your family in your home. Our mall stores you can find ideas and goods, what in your home will delight you and your family.

Drop by and take care of your purchases in stores: Dovanų pasaulis, Gerduva, Ugnies spalvos, Skonis ir kvapas, Žana, Aliejus, Pegasas, Livinn, Maxima, Pepco, Gėlės ir manufaktūra, Dovanų šalis, Natur boutique, Vynoteka, Huracan, Vero cafe, Kavos draugas, Majai, Narvesen, Šokolado meistrai, Donut Lab, Džiugas, Mažoji ragainė, Senoji kibininė ir kt.

The quantity of goods is limited. If these prices do not match, the prices in the stores are valid.


Pets |Let’s not forget our little pets – let’s pampering the delicacies.

Dog Toy – material puppy (price 6,49 Eur) Kika

Cat canned food (price 1,09 Eur) Kika

Complete feed for small breeding young dog (price 4,99 Eur) Kika

Bowl „Coconut“ (price 28,50 Eur) Žana

Puppy handbag with sweets (price 22,50 Eur) Majai

Female style | Spring and next summer are the main accents of style trends.

Vintage Glasses, Floral Patterns, Bright colors and Pearl Hair Buckles – Everything find in CUP!

Sunglasses „Vermari“ (price 99 Eur) Optometrijos centras

Flower blouse „Peruu“ (price 30 Eur) Mosaic

Hair clipper  (price 3 Eur) Fashion Zone

Handbag (price 54 Eur) Clothes salon „6 šeši 12 dvylika

Men’s style | Stylish, professional and always self – confident!

Samsung S9 Plus opens a double tray with magnet (price 24,90 Eur) Tele2

Men’s watch „33 Element“ (price 162 Eur) Timebar

Men’s shirts  (price 35 Eur) Vyrų stilius

Tie (price 13 Eur) Vyrų stilius

Men’s classic shoes (price 79,99 Eur) Danija

Make up | Spring pastel colors on your face.

Brush set„SWS“ (price 76 Eur) Erdesa

Moisturizing face mask „Aš ikona“ (price 1,99 Eur) Drogas

Lipstick „Clinique“ (x 2unt.) (price 20,95 Eur) Douglas

Modeling palette „Revolution“ (price 12,49 Eur) Eurokos


Summer |Summer is not only about our thoughts and warm ore weather, but our cabinets are already full of summer pleasures. You can find summer collections with us!

„Prestige“ women’s footwear (price 95 Eur) Šai avalynė

Eco-leather women’s pants (price 69,99 Eur) Tiffi

Handbag (price 29,99 Eur) Bags&More

Swimsuit bra (price 49,95 Eur) Triumph

Swimsuit panties (price 24,95 Eur) Triumph

Blouse (price 39 Eur) Rūbų salonas 6.12

Originalus Huawei P30 Pro dėklas (price 24,90 Eur) Tele2

Undershirt (price 10,90 Eur) Utenos trikotažas

Perfume „Si Fiori“ (price 139 Eur / 100 ml) Douglas

Leather wallet (price 5 Eur) Alfarico

Body color socks (price 7,99 Eur) Golden Point

Sunglasses „Guess“ (price 119 Eur) Optometrijos centras


Marathon|Are you ready for the marathon and light running season?

At the center of the CUP you will find every detail needed for a healthy, stylish and efficient movement.

Vitam well „Antioxidant“ (price 2 Eur) Narvesen Lietuva

Glass bottle (price 24,99 Eur) Knygynų tinklas „Pegasas“

Training sport shoes (price 59,99 Eur) Sporto stilius

Adidas sports bracelets (price 5,95 Eur) Sporto stilius

Cap (price 19,95 Eur) Sporto stilius

Woman sports bra (price 42,90 Eur) WinnerSport

Woman running shorts (price 39,90 Eur) WinnerSport

The Game  “30 day challenge  (price 11,99 Eur) Knygynų tinklas „Pegasas“

Protein bar (price 1,99 Eur) Livinn – sveiki produktai

Protein bar (bar 1,85 Eur) Livinn – sveiki produktai

Dry breakfast „Sport“ (price 5,64 Eur) Livinn – sveiki produktai

Shower gel (price 19,90 Eur) Interjero salonas Le Pont

Mamos diena | Skirta visoms mylimiausioms mamoms, pagal visus jų nuostabiausius individualius skonius. Su Mamos diena!

Gėlių puokštė (kaina 27 Eur) Gėlės ir manufaktūra

Muilas (kaina 9,50 Eur) Le Pont

Šokolado plytelė (kaina 3,90, gėlytė organza papildomai 1,50 Eur) Šokolado meistrai

Knyga „(Ne)tobulos mamos užrašai“ (kaina 13,29 Eur) Pegasas

Perlų apyrankė (kaina 219 Eur) Argentum

Picnic with family |Always full of smiles, full of different flavors and so colorful! With Family Day!

Tray (price 42,70 Eur) Žana – Indų salonų tinklas

Dessert forks “Nuova” (kit 6 unt.) (price 20,49 Eur) Gerduva

Pizza “Can Can” 30 cm (price 11,99 Eur) CAN CAN pizza

Picnic decking  (price 4,99 Eur) PEPCO Lietuva

Spurgytės (price 0,92 Eur / 100 g) Crustum

Macaroons (price 2,40 Eur / 100 g) Mažoji Ragainė

Desserts for take – away (price 1,20 Eur / 1 vnt) Mažoji Ragainė

Sea buckthorn juice (price 4,89 Eur) Livinn – sveiki produktai

Tool for pizza (price 1,90 Eur) Žana – Indų salonų tinklas

Liollipops x 3 unt. (price 0,35 Eur) Majai

Glass “Diamond” purple 390 ml x 3 unt. (price 1,89 Eur) Žana – Indų salonų tinklas

Prekybos centras CUP_ Piknikas su seima_t


Cocktails | Cold Frappe Coffee Flavor Cocktail?

Water with non alcoholic ginger wine flavoured drops? Or maybe squeezed super healthy juice for energy spill? A variety of cocktail ingredients – always CUP!

Frappe blend „Chocolate Frappe“ (price 25,99 Eur) Kavos Draugas

Syrup for coffee „Sweetbird Hazelnut“ (price 9,99 Eur) Kavos Draugas

Non-alcoholic ginger wine (price 7,22 Eur) Livinn – sveiki produktai

Orange (price 0,89 Eur) Maxima LT

Lemon (price 1,15 Eur) Maxima LT

Beverage jars (price 3,99 Eur) Dovanusalis.lt

Juice (Various)  Manhattan Ice Dream

Cup with straw x3vnt (price 11,45 Eur) Gerduva

Book „Super sveikata“ (price 19,99 Eur) Knygynų tinklas „Pegasas“

Bag (price 5,99 Eur) PEPCO Lietuva


Colors | When the weather is bad, enjoy your mood with colors! Most help sunny colors.

Our stores are also bright:

Fruit flavored dragee (price 1,95 Eur) Majai

Earrings (price 6,90Eur) Fashion Zone

Pants (price 46 Eur) Rūbų salonas „6 šeši 12 dvylika“

Plate „Origin“ (price 8,99 Eur) Gerduva

Orange Donut (price 1,30 Eur) Donut Lab

Shower Oil „Saulės sultys“ (price 14,95 Eur) Uoga uoga

Plush pillow „Emocija“(price 10,99 Eur) Dovanų šalis

„Kilig“ Eye Gel (price 10,49 Eur) Drogas

Magazine „National Geographic“ (price 5,45 Eur) Narvesen


Tea | After cooling down the weather, you want to enjoy warm tea

A variety of tea at our mall:

Red roobos tea “Mocca cream” (price EUR 2.60) Skonis ir kvapas

Hemp blossom tea (price EUR 5.50) ALIEJUS

“Oriental White Moon” tea (price 4.29 Eur) Vynoteka

Chocolate with green tea (price 3,37 Eur) Livinn – healthy products

Tea sieve “Test Tube” (price 10.99 Eur) Bookstore „Pegasas“

“Organic green” tea (price 16,00 Eur) Huracán Coffee

Black tea with bergamot (price 15,00 Eur) Kavos Draugas

Prekybos centras CUP_Mano pirkiniai_9 Arbata


Spices | What spices are you using?

In our stores, they receive many and varied:

Gift Set “„Skaniausi sveikinimai“” (price 39,00 Eur) ALIEJUS

Curry powder (price 1,87 Eur) Livinn – healthy products

Coriander seeds (price 1,87 Eur) Livinn – healthy products

Spice Set (price 18,00 Eur) Žana – Dish salon network

Rosemary freeze-dried (price 4.39 Eur) Bookstore „Pegasas“

Basil freeze-dried (Price 3.99 Eur) Bookshop Network „Pegasas“

Pepper grinder (price 37,90 Eur) Gerduva


Drinks | Thaw weather often want to enjoy a refreshing drink


Goods from:
Refreshing drink “Aranciala Rossa” (price 0.99 Eur) Vynoteka

Mango juice “Sun 365” (price 2,50 Eur) Narvesen

Juice “Magnum” with mint (price 1,59 Eur) Maxima

Coconut Water (price 3,50 Eur) Livinn – healthy products

Kombucha with oak bark and nutmeg (price 2.10 Eur) Huracan

Iris Non-Alcoholic Beer (price 1.99 Eur) Majai


Snacks | When you want snacks! Much and delicious!

Goods from:

“Grissini” Italian sticks (price 0.85 Eur / 100g) Crustum

Pumpkin seed spread (price 2.30 Eur) Aliejus

Roasted pumpkin seeds (price 1.71 Eur) Livinn

Sea vegetable crisps (price 1.44 Eur) Livinn

“Danvita” bread with Provence herbs (price 1.09 Eur) Vynoteka

Rods “Grissini” (price 0.79 Eur) Maxima

Kibin with chicken and mushrooms (price 1,70 Eur) Senoji kibininė


Plates | What dishes decorate your festive table?

Goods from:

Bowl „Orgin Dusty Pink“ (price 7,99 Eur) Gerduva

Bowl (price 4.50 Eur) Dovanų pasaulis

White porcelain plate (price 4.90 Eur) Ugnies spalvos

Piala Matcha for tea „Juostelės“ (price 10,99 Eur) Skonis ir kvapas

Dessert Plate „Naturalia Sand“ (price 3,80 Eur) Žana

Plate (price 6.90 Eur) Dovanų pasaulis

Handmade chamotte bowl (price 14.90 Eur) Ugnies spalvos


Dried fruits | Snack time. What kind of snacks do you choose?

Goods from:

Fresh dates with bone (price 3.90 Eur) Aliejus

Gift Set „Gražių švenčių“ (price 13.90 Eur) Aliejus

Dried strawberries „Supergarden“ (price 4.99 Eur) Pegasas

Crispy dried oranges (price 2.62 Eur) Livinn

Coconut nuts strips (Price 2.63 Eur) Livinn

Dried mangoes (price 3,59 Eur) Maxima


Oil | It is important to choose the right oil for cooking

Our stores have a large selection of oils:

Oil mixture for salad with pumpkin oil (price 5,95 Eur) Aliejus

Olive oil with herbs (price 3,50 Eur) Aliejus

Cannabis Oil (price 11,58 Eur) Livinn

Oil spray „Basic“ (price 29,95 Eur) Gerduva

Oil „Elite reserve“ (price 3,59 Eur) Maxima

Natural coconut oil (price 7.10 Eur) Natur boutique

Cocoa butter (price 9,50 Eur) Natur boutique

Oil „Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil“ (price 5,79 Eur) Vynoteka


Coffee | You can enjoy your own coffee at home – the choice of fragrant and delicious coffee is very wide

Coffee beans “Marago Guatemala” (price 8.24 Eur / 150 g) Skonis ir kvapas

Coffee 100% Arabic “Bonilla” (price 20,00 Eur) Huracan

Coffee „5. STAR“ (price 6.50 Eur) Vero cafe

Coffee beans “Parallel” (price 29,00 Eur) Kavos Draugas

Coffee „Naturela Bio“ (price 6.99 Eur) Vynoteka

Coffee Novo Dia Bio (price 11.95 Eur) Aliejus

Book „Tebūnie kava“ (price 29,99 Eur) Pegasas


Chocolate | When you want sweet

Goods from:

Chocolate „Su Šv. Velykom“ (price 1.00 Eur) Majai

Book „Šokoladas“ (price 12,89 Eur) Pegasas

Eco white chocolate “La Naya” with pistachios and broken coffee (price 4.29 Eur) Pegasas

Dragee „Traškiai“ (price 1.04 Eur / 100 g) Aliejus

Chocolate bar „Galler“ (price 2,99 Eur) Kavos Draugas

White chocolate „Rūta“ (price 3,00 Eur) Narvesen

Black chocolate with orange (price 2,99 Eur) Livinn

Chocolate “Simon Coll” with almonds (price 3,59 Eur) Skonis ir kvapas

Easter Chocolate (price 3,69 Eur / 100 g) Šokolado meistrai


Plant and grow at home! | Garden at home

Goods from:

Flower „Muscari“ (price 4,00 Eur) Gėlės ir manufaktūra

Composition box with tools (price 19,00 Eur) Gėlės ir manufaktūra

Birds organic oats (price 1.27 Eur) Livinn

Wheat Grain (price 1.30 Eur) Maxima

Book “Auginu ir gaminu” (price 11.49 Eur) Pegasas

Green animal (price 4,40 Eur) Dovanų šalis


Desserts | What desserts will you enjoy during the celebration?

Goods from:

Dessert „Vasara“ (price 2,10 Eur) Crustum

Donut (price 1.35 Eur) Donut Lab

Echo (price 2.09 Eur) Džiugas

Cake „Aksominė avietė“ (price 1.80 Eur) Mažoji ragainė

Bun „Cinamoninė“ (price 1,00 Eur) Narvesen

Cinnamon (price 1.20 Eur) Huracan

Plates (smaller) (price 1.79 Eur) Pepco

Plates (larger) (price 1.99 Eur) Pepco


Cups | The cup can be used not only for coffee or tea, but also for decoration.

Items from:

Cup „Artesanal Green“ (price 9.99 Eur) Gerduva

Cup “Natos” (price 10,99 Eur) Dovanų šalis

Cup (price 6.90 Eur) Dovanų pasaulis

Bone Porcelain cup “Angelai” (price 19,99 Eur) Ugnies spalvos

Cup „Gamtos spalvos“ (price 8,40 Eur) Skonis ir kvapas

Coffee cup „Inker Dots Pink“(price 10,99 Eur) Kavos Draugas

Ceramic cup (price 1.99 Eur) Pepco

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