01/06/2021 - 31/07/2021

Get a blanket as a gift!


  1. From 1 June 2021 until 31 July 2021, there is a promotion (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion) taking place in the shopping centre CUP (hereinafter referred to as CUP) on Upės St 9, Vilnius, during which the buyers who purchase food from the CUP cafés/restaurants participating in the Promotion for more than €20 will receive a gift, a CUP blanket.
  2. Only to those buyers who pick up take-away food orders themselves or eat in the cafés/restaurants or their outdoor terraces are eligible to receive the gifts. The deal does not apply to food deliveries by courier (Wolt, Bolt, etc.).
  3. To claim the gift, the buyer must contact the info centre on the day specified in the food purchase receipt. Receipts submitted later shall not be eligible for the deal.
  4. The minimum value of the receipt for one food order check must €20 or more;
  5. The receipts for food orders that include alcohol or tobacco goods shall not be eligible for the deal.
  6. Only one gift shall be received for one receipt for the food order.
  7. The café/restaurant receipt for the food order can only be used once and for one order only.
  8. To claim the gift, the buyer must present the receipt to the staff of CUP info centre, where it shall be stamped. After the receipt has been used it shall be left in the CUP info centre and shall not be returned to the buyer.
  9. The list of CUP cafés and restaurants that participate in the Promotion:
  • VERO CAFÉ (3rd floor)
  • CRUSTUM (1st floor)
  • DŽIUGAS (1st floor.)
  • SENOJI KIBININĖ (1st floor)
  • GREEN CAFÉ (1st floor)
  • SUBWAY (1st floor)
  • HESBURGER (1st floor)
  • SUSHI CITY (1st floor)
  • HURACAN COFFEE (1st floor)
  • MAŽOJI RAGAINĖ (1st floor)
  • KINŲ PERLAS (5th floor)
  • CHARLIE PIZZA (5th floor)
  • LA CREPE (5th floor)
  • MANAMI (5th floor)
  • MANHATTAN LEDAINĖ (4th floor)
  • GRILL LONDON (3rd floor)
  • CAN CAN (5th floor)
  • NARVESEN (3rd floor)
  • GRILL TERRACE (6th floor)
  • CHARLIE KIDS (5th floor)
  1. The promotion is active until 31 July 2021 or until the stock of gifts is not given away. The number of gifts is limited.
  2. The organizers of the Promotion have the right to change the rules of the Promotion or terminate the Promotion.





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